RTITB Forklift Counterbalance Training

  We offer 3 types of Forklift Training:


This is a 5 day course for absolute beginners, we cover both the classroom element and the practical element of Forklift Training

The charge is £600 - £120 per day


If you have an in-house certificate from your company and you need to convert this to a full RTITB license you can take our 2/3 day course depending on your level of experience.

The charge is £120 per day


If you need to renew your FLT you can come to us for a one day refresher

The charge is £120

Sector Based Work Academy

If you are unemployed and wanting to obtain an FLT license in order to help you into employment we run a 5 week training programme where you can complete the following qualifications:

In order to attend this programme you will need to ask your Job Centre Advisor, Probation Worker, Support Worker to refer you.

These 3 Forklift Truck Training Courses are offered by Connect 2 Training. Call 01623 238 732 to book on to the course

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